Three wheels to the wind

KMX Cobra Mountain Trike

Riding an adult trike sounds about as exciting as a trip to the dollar store with your grandparents. KMX aims to change all that with their Cobra Mountain Trike ($1,549), a three-wheeled wonder that keeps your center of gravity low for good balance and excellent handling. Using TIG welded Chromoly steel and aluminum for the frame, it’s both rigid and light. Utilizing a 24 speed SRAM gearing system with alloy rims, Kenda K-Rad knobby tires, and full disc brakes, it will handle on road and off road situations with ease. You’ll sit yourself comfortably on the large banana bucket seat with intercooling vent system that will keep you comfy and secure as you play slalom with unwitting rollerbladers. But it’s not all go with no show. The anodized parts and high gloss orange paint make this trike as racy looking as it is racy fast. KMX’s entire line of trikes is built with the same quality and fun in mind. You may never go back to two wheels again.

Buy Now: $1,549