Four Loco? More like pour Stumpco.

Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

We’ve been fans of Stumptown coffee ever since we first encountered the Portland, Oregon brewer a few years back. Since then, the brand has gained notoriety, even opening an outpost in NYC at the trendsetting Ace Hotel. Recently, Stumptown launched a new line, bringing the fantastic taste of cold brewed coffee to the masses. It’s aptly named, Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. Instead of simply cooling and packing typical drip coffee, the coffee-boffins use the cold-water extracting process to maintain flavor over a shelf life of up to 11 days. Going that extra mile makes this brew slightly more expensive at $3.50 a bottle, but the taste is a world apart from the sugary canned concoctions pushed at Starbucks by the truckload. The trouble is it’s currently only sold in Portlandia — but New Yorkers should see it make its way across the country soon. This summer’s drink just arrived.

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