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AKG K 840 KL Wireless Mini Headphones

Wireless audio. A convenient technology that, like many modern conveniences, comes at the peril of quality. When it comes to a great pair of cans, we’re a picky lot here at GP and tend to keep ours plugged into an amp via cables — for better or worse. So, when AKG asked us a few weeks ago to take an early look at the new AKG K 840 KL ($470) wireless mini headphones, we came in with skepticism cranked to 11. After putting them through a gauntlet of real world tests we’re happy to report that these should keep most discerning ears pleased, despite a complete absence of cables. Using magic Kleer wireless technology, the K 840 KL’s stream lossless, 16-bit stereo audio from any player or portable/iOS device using a small transmitter adapter. No half-baked Bluetooth audio here. Deliciously smooth, uncompressed audio streams via 2.4GHz radio waves up to 60 feet and unlike so many other power-sucking wireless sets, the 840s have a two-week battery life under normal use (we got closer to 11 days after a few charge cycles). This makes them not only streaming audio ninjas but a pragmatic daily set that feature a robust 10.5Hz to 31kHz frequency range, closed-back design, 3D-Axis2 folding headband and ear-cup volume controls. Oh, and in case you traditionalists still prefer your rig wired, the K 840 KL’s work through a bypass cable as well — not that you’ll need it.

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