Luge for the lil' ones

L.L.Bean Rambler Winter Wagon

Retire the ol’ Radio Flyer with L.L. Bean’s Rambler Wagon, now available with skis for the powder-bound family. Available in either separate skis or an entire set, the Rambler can go from a 10″ pneumatic tire/wheeled to ski-equipped ruggedized snow-covered field or ice pond runner. The wagon measures 34″ x 16″ and rails are made of Canadian hardwoods and the set includes a soft foam, water-repellent cover. After all, it’s never too early to get your kids acclimated to the Maine lifestyle. Or, if they prefer their toys teutonic, here’s a German alternative.

Buy Now: Skis: $50 | Wagon: $150 | Wagon Set: $200