Charge of the Bike Brigade

M55 Beast Electric Bicycle

Hybrid vehicles are popping up like Charlie Sheen headlines. You can’t go about your daily business without seeing one. If you’re going to get your hands on a hybrid, make it a good one. And why not throw fitness into the mix with self-propulsion? Well, M55 builds their bikes around that whole idea. Their flagship M55 Beast is truly that, with a design like no other bike you’ve seen. Using lightweight and ultrastrong 7075 Aluminum and full suspension, the bike is as versatile as it is unique. They integrated Lithium-Ion 44V batteries into the electric motor, which produces assisted pedal speeds of almost 50 mph. The Beast is designed for off-road and urban use and will make optimal use of the electric motor as you pedal, automatically kicking in when it senses excessive wheezing you need extra torque. And a bicycle first are the automotive-origin Brembo brakes that will stop you with authority. Every 55th bike will be a special edition and come with a unique paint job. For the price, it should also come with cupholders and a DVD player.

Price: $35,555 (Spring)