Neat Seat

Chool by Slam

If Slam gets their way, “Chool” will one day enter our vocabulary next to the terms, bench, seat and stool. Essentially their concept centers on a stool-like base that can be transformed into a chair by pulling up a nifty slidable backrest. Realizing that there were plenty of ways to iterate on this form, the design team devised eight different Chool models. Example tweaks that distinguish the various options include adjustable arm rests, material combinations such as wood and fabric, and padding. We’re fond of just about every version, although some of the color patterns seem straight off The Running Man set. The sticker-shock is also tough, since buying a Chool of your own starts at roughly $2,422 without customization. That’s more than halfway to Eames territory. Still, if price isn’t a concern, the Chool’s unique design makes it an excellent seating solution for homes short on floor space.

Buy Now: $2,430