American roots, Swiss guts

Hamilton Pan-Europ

Sometimes retro goes bad. Like Hasselhoff. Then there’s just plain classic. Case in point, the Hamilton Pan-Europ tribute watch. Based on the original watch from 1971, this reiteration carries forward the classic blue chronograph dial and position six date window, and it just plain looks good. Founded in 1892 in Pennsylvania, this now Swiss brand retains some of the heritage watch styles from the Land of the Free. Modern touches are the modified Swiss Valjoux 7753 movement, called the H31, and the larger 45mm case, which manages to take the size up a notch without looking massive. The crown moves to take the traditional right-hand position in between the pushers, so it appeals to the masses a tad better. The Pan-Europ comes with a cool Steve McQueen style brown aviator leather strap to round out the classic look. With a limited run of 1,971 pieces (1971, get it?), these will go fast when they show up at retailers later this year. Care for even more history? Then read this.

Price: $1,825