1990 Meets 2011

iFusion iPhone Docking Station

The idea of making a wireless phone wired is admittedly strange, but nostalgia for the familiar often drives people to do crazy things. The iFusion ($150) is essentially a Bluetooth speaker dock in traditional telephone clothing. Thanks to A2DP Bluetooth streaming, the iFusion can playback both call audio or music over its internal speakerphone. The presence of an audio line out port also lets users connect to an additional set of powered speakers. Naturally, it also works as a standard desk handset for the entire iPhone line, ensuring the death grip won’t disrupt important business calls for you iPhone 4 owners. Available for pre-order now in both black and white, picking one up ahead of it’s April 1st release will save you $30. Oh, and if you like the concept of an iPhone base station, minus the wired aspect, be sure to check out the Moshi Moshi 03i.

Buy Now: $150 with pre-order ($180 MSRP)