Because We Can't All Be Ray Allen

SKLZ Rapid Fire Basketball Training Aid

Sick of air-balling those wide open jumpers during your weekly game at the gym? Or perhaps you’re just looking to give junior that extra edge come varsity try outs. In either scenario, the SKLZ Rapid Fire Basketball Training Aid ($125) is the next best thing to hiring a personal ball boy. It’s designed to be completely portable, and ships with a 21-ply all weather net with mounting accessories, heavy duty backboard arms, net hooks, padded brackets, and two sand-filled weighted bases for support. The netting also measures 14 feet long by 13 feet wide, making sure even the ugliest bricks will still roll right back. So use it to take shot after shot, and develop the muscle memory to drain it from downtown. If that doesn’t work, at least it’ll protect your ride from rubberized meteor showers of your own creation.

Buy Now: $125