Drams Upon Drams

Tasting Notes: A Quartet of The Macallans, Visual Edition

Recently, Brand Ambassador for The Macallan, Graeme Russell, invited GP to dinner in snow-slogged Boston for a scrumptious dive into the fascinating world of scotch. Now, what more could one ask for in an evening than drams of scotch, steak, and expert insights. Not much, we say. So, with the company of Russell and other cronies (the label “expert” is an understatement), we dove into scotch provenance, unexpected pairings and our first encounter with a Roll n’ Pour Jigger. The setting: a private table in the wine cellar of Mooo Steakhouse blanketed with truly rarified vintages of scotch, bounties of specifically crafted steak & veal, and decadent chocolate cake.

What better way to share than with a slideshow? Welcome to this visual edition of Tasting Notes. Our slideshow is after the jump (make sure and hit full screen).