On the record

Tascam DR-07mkII Handheld Recorder

Since built-in gadget mics are about as useful as a 56k modem circa 2015, we rely on our trusty Zoom recorders here at GP for our recording needs. But, after testing out the new Tascam DR-07mkII ($150) we’re going back to double check our levels. As the latest iteration of Tascam’s popular handheld recorders, the DR-07mkII ups the pocket recording feature-per-dollar ante with an all-new design packed with features. The built-in dual cardioid pattern mics can be configured to record in XY or AB patterns for up-close or ambient recordings and features a microSD slot (2GB card is included) and powerful battery that’s good for over 17 hours of 320 kbps MP3 or 96 kHz WAV recording. Other handy capabilities like peak reduction, auto-record for hands-free operation, reverb effect (when bathrooms aren’t handy), quick menu access for common parameters and a clever overdub feature that lets you lay down a track on top of a previously recorded one. Your one man band just became a studio.

Buy Now: $150