Bruce Waynian Brute

Renard Grand Tourer GT

When you’re the maker of pre-WW2 motorcycles, you want to maintain a certain mystique while forging ahead into the 21st century. Well, Renard has done just that with their Grand Tourer GT, built on a carbon fiber with reinforced Kevlar moncoque that weighs in at a svelte 24 pounds. This monocoque design leads to incredible stiffness and impressive resilience. The remaining parts are milled from solid block aluminum that lend to a solid but graceful appearance, kind of like a powerlifter decked out in Snake Eyes’ getup. The 90-degree V-Twin air-cooled engine delivers 125 horsepower and because of the bike’s lightness, a top speed of 140 mph can easily be reached. Make no mistake, this is not just two-wheeled eye-candy. The overall integrity of the design lends to razor-sharp handling and excellent performance due to rigidity and the very low center of gravity. And if you happen to be the CEO of Wayne Industries, this just might be your perfect two-wheeled ride. You’ll need some of that inheritance money to buy it, anyway.

Price: $96,000 (limited production)