Protection Never Looked So Good

Dom Sunglasses Holder by Barret Alley

Sunglasses are a money pit for many. You eagerly drop $100 and beyond to buy a pair for the season, knowing they’ll be destroyed soon by stepping or sitting in the wrong place — if they aren’t lost before then. The Dom sunglasses holder by Barret Alley ($150) won’t change this law of the universe, but it will prevent things like your keys from scratching the lenses when your specs commingle in pockets. It also looks far classier than the pleather/plastic cases that come with even higher-end shades. Made from hand-stitched, vegetable tanned leather with antique German plaid linen lining, the case is supposed to fit all styles and sizes, but that probably doesn’t hold true for Rick Ross’ collection. They’re available in russet (shown above), noir, and natural leather colors.

Buy Now: $150