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Scotch Tough Duct Tape

Just as Zeus produced Ares, Hercules, and Hermes, so hath the original Duct Tape spawned Scotch’s new Tough Duct Tape line. The new branding is about as redundant as it gets, but Scotch clearly wanted to reassure loyalists that the latest heirs in the Duct Tape family were every bit as useful as their take-on-all-projects father, albeit slightly more specialized. The six new versions in the series include Extreme Cold, Transparent, No Residue, Heavy Duty All Weather, Outdoor Painters and a version for Poly Hanging & Tarps. As their names imply, 3M has applied some chemical tweaks to the original Duct Tape adhesive to improve on the common tasks the classic was used for. Each roll costs between $6 to $10, and all on our sale at local hardware stores. There’s no word on whether Tuxedo Maker, Trailer Hitch and Suture versions will be released.

Buy Now: $6-$10