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The Loadout: My Perfect Everyday Carry

Editor’s Note: We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about our EDC (everyday carry for the uninitiated); in large part because of one of our favorite Tumblers, EDC. If you’ve never been, head there if you want to kill an hour or two. While we already have our daily rigs sorted out reasonably well (re: there’s always room for upgrading), we decided to start a series to showcase what we as editors at Gear Patrol tote around on a daily basis. Our man, Jon Gaffney, is kicking off the staff series.

Below I’ve laid out my aspirational EDC. When checking out my list, keep in mind you will see double. One of the tenets I subscribe to is the Navy SEAL adage “Two is one, and one is none.” Redundancies folks, redundancies. Things always fail at the worst possible time, having a back up can literally be a life saver. Also, remember that while this is my dream EDC kit, carrying all of it every day isn’t always realistic, but rotating items keeps my basics more than covered.

Triple Aught Design BRATT

Machined in the USA from titanium billet the BRATT (Be Ready Anywhere Titanium Tool) is my choice for a pocket tool. Available in a Spanner or E-Key variation it can either tune your Strider Knife or open any E-Locks, tighten screws, pry out a nail, and probably most importantly pry off the top of your favorite microbrew. Plus in a pinch it’s designed to be “a last ditch self defense impact device”, so you got that going for you too.

Buy Now: $100

CRKT Delilah P.E.C.K.

Designed by Ed Halligan, the P.E.C.K. is the perfect backup pocket knife. It’s minimalist design is all steel, with a frame lock locking mechanism and a thumb stud for quick opening. Closed it measures a mere 2.65″, meaning its small enough to go in a change pocket or on a key chain. And, at only 30 dollars you’ll also be comfortable lending it to that forgetful coworker to open boxes.

Buy Now: $30

Chris Reeve Sebenza (Small)

The Sebenza is a 23 year old model from knife making guru Chris Reeve, but it still looks ground-breaking. It features a titanium handle and 2.94″ stainless steel handle, with a frame lock locking mechanism. It’s the perfect daily folder that gets the job done, without looking like something Rambo keeps strapped to his leg. The price is steep, but this a lifetime knife.

Buy Now: $330

Valiant Concepts Titanium EDC Pen

Made from my EDC metal of choice (Titanium), this handy little pen will clip right onto your key chain and be ready for any quick writing needs. Plus with a Fisher Space pen refill you can write underwater if that’s your sort of thing.

Buy Now: $60

Sunwayman V10R Ti

With only one CR123A battery, the V10R Ti’s CREE R5 LED can output up to 210 lumens. Thanks to an “Infinite Variable Output Switch”, you can also fine-tune exactly how much light’s emitted, in order to view the task at hand without wasting power. The fact that its waterproof titanium body is a machinist’s work of art is just a lightweight bonus.

Buy Now: $150

Inova Microlight

This is just a simple key chain LED from respected flashlight maker Inova. Keep the Microlight clipped on your key chain, and you’ll be ready should something happen to your primary light, simple as that.

Buy Now: $8

Rotring 600 Trio Lava Pen

Discontinued a few years ago when the Rotring brand got bought out, the 600 Trio pens have become scarce and highly sought after. Consequently the command some staggering prices when they show up on Ebay or stationery stores. Still, it’s the best EDC pen we’ve come across. It features blue and red ball point pens as well as a 0.7mm mechanical pencil housed in an all metal barrel. If you can get your hands on one, they are absolute tanks that will last for years to come.

Buy Now: $400

MAKR Cordovan Flap Slim Wallet

A front pocket wallet made of some of the best leather available worldwide. Simple enough.

Buy Now: $200

LaCie Imakey USB Flash Drive

This flash drive slips right onto your key ring looking like yes a key. While cheaper flash drives are certainly available, the Imakey is water and scratch resistant, allowing it to take the beating of being toted in your pocket every day. Certainly your top secret documents (aka ripped DVDs) deserve that kind of security.

Buy Now: $50

Rite in the Rain Universal Mini Stapled Notebook

Something to write on is a critical addition to your EDC. The paper in Rite in Rain products is coated in wax, which allows users to literally write in a downpour with either a pencil or pressurized pen if need be. More practically speaking, if you spill a drink on your plans for world domination in this notebook, they will not run. The softbound mini versions are a perfect pocket size, and you can pick up a dozen for the price of two Moleskines. Trust me, they’re tough to beat.

Buy Now: $26 (Dozen)

Zippo Windproof Lighter

Whether you’re a smoker or not, it never hurts to have a fire starter on hand. The 70-year-old Zippo lighter is ubiquitous for a reason. They’re windproof, durable, refillable and look damn good sliding out of a pocket. Our pick throws in a shamrock for good luck.

Buy Now: $16

HOT (Hands of Time) Custom Seiko Watch

Randal Benson, a.k.a. Dr. Seiko does some amazing one off custom Seikos both new and vintage. A watch is an integral part of any EDC, and through Dr. Seiko, you can transform any already solid Seiko into your dream version. My pick would be a perfectly restored 6105-8000, but the sky is really the limit with PVD coating, new lume, and custom hands and dials.

Buy Now: Varies

Paracord Survival Bracelet

A Survival Straps paracord bracelet holds at least 16′ of usable paracord that can support up to 550 lbs with one strand. If you learned anything from Boondock Saints, you never know when some rope can come in handy.

Buy Now: $23

Apolis Matteo Pocket Square

Carrying a pocket square is a gentlemanly thing to carry. You can clean your camera lens, sunglasses, or mop your forehead. The limited release Matteo is up to the task and is made in the USA from Italian linen.

Buy Now: $42