A Taste of What That Other 71% Looks Like

World Ocean Floor Map

The fact that we’ll never be able to check in with Foursquare on any point on this map, or post “I’ve been there” on Facebook, doesn’t detract at all from this accurate illustration of the ocean floor in our book. In fact, that’s half the reason we love it. Sure, it lacks the technical wizardry of the superman-like zoom vision that’s possible through Google Earth, but keen eyes can still spot plenty of fascinating details about the Tectonic Earth. Mid-ocean ridges, which actually represent areas where the sea-floor is spreading, appear as comic book cracks in a great blue pavement, while the giant Pacific Plate, continental shelves, and undersea mountain chains are other visible points of interest. Sold in large and small sizes, in both framed and unframed versions, hang it in your home office and give visitors a better picture of the blue planet they call home. If you’ve got a submarine, even better.

Buy Now: $40-$940 (framed)