Woodn't you?

2011 Audi duoCity by Renovo

Sometimes aesthetics play second fiddle to environmental sustainability. Some automobiles come to mind. In the case of the 2011 Audi duoCity, design reigns alongside being green. Audi has partnered with Portland, OR based Renovo, maker of custom hardwood bikes. With impressive lightness, stiffness (hold back on the wood jokes) and shock absorbency, the duoCity boasts a beautiful frame design formed in the shape of the most modern metal bike designs found on the road today, only in classic wood that mirrors the interiors of some of Audi’s best automobiles. The duoCity and duoSport models utilize a cool internal belt drive, while the top-end duoRoad has a standard derailleur configuration. All three are considered high-end bikes, with prices starting at $6,530. Keep it away from the campfire, just to be safe.

Buy Now: $6,530-$7,460