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La Colombe Atelier Haiti Blue Forest Coffee

Founded by Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti, the Philadelphia-based La Colombe Torrefaction has built an admirable reputation among the coffee-roasting elite. Their select beans can be found in gourmet restaurants throughout the country, or in their own La Colombe Cafes in NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago. The Atelier line, however, is a caffeinated skunkworks of sorts where the duo tests and evaluates single beans for inclusion in their four renowned blends. The current Haiti Blue Forest Coffee ($13) project is sourced from the semi-wild mountains of the island and imbues special value due to its direct ancestral connection to the first coffee plant cultivated outside of Ethiopia. Carmichael chronicled his discovery of the coffee in a fantastic online series for Esquire, and ultimately decided to bring it home as the only specialty grade Haitian coffee in the U.S. Available for a short time to discerning java drinkers, pick up a bag ground to your imbibing preference and embrace your inner creole.

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