Meet the World's First Space Beer

Vostok 4 Pines Stout Space Beer

Vostok 4 Pines Stout ($20) is the world’s first beer that’s certified for drinking in space and was developed by the 4-Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics. Yes, the claim is a blatant marketing ploy, but you’d be surprised what a brewer has to deal with to make suds drinkable in space. First of all, the lack of gravity wreaks havoc on the traditional way we men expunge excess gas from carbonation — trust us, we’re explaining that vaguely for a reason. Zero-G also has a nasty side effect of making the tongue swell, which alters the flavor of foods. Subsequently the Vostok brew has been specially formulated to taste much bolder and features a lower level of carbonation that’s apparently safe for star sailors to consume. Alcohol, however, is banned on the International Space Station, so we don’t expect Vostok-fueled ragers 76 miles above the earth’s surface to happen anytime soon. But there’s a chance you could down some aboard a Virgin Galactic flight in the future, or perhaps now during a Zero G experience trip. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to bake in the cost of a flight to Aussieland first, since this unique brew is currently only available down under.

Buy Now: $20 (6-Pack)