Your Pockets Will Thank You

Baladeo Super Lightweight Knives

Paul Hogan has his reservations about the value of a pocketable knife, but as our everyday carry series hints, we’re more secure in our masculinity. That’s why these super lightweight knives from Baladeo intrigue us. Sold in three different weights of 34, 22, and 15 grams (that’s 0.5 ounces), they won’t field dress a full-sized Yak, but their 420 stainless steel cutting edges can still probably handle cords, sandwiches and perhaps a wedged appendage if need be. Speaking of appendages, there’s no need to fret the open skeletonized handle design from a safety standpoint, since a stout locking system ensures the blade stays put. Ideal for ultralight backpacking or even walking around town, just remember you’re carrying before entering a plane or your next Presidential Gala.

Buy Now: 15g $22 | 22g $26 | 34g $42