Heart of Darkness

Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition by Anderson Germany

We’ve all seen tuner cars gone bad. Take a perfectly good car and throw on parts that make it look like you hot glued a bookshelf on for a rear wing. Every so often someone does tuning right. In the case of the Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition, Anderson Germany has done just that. The first thing you notice is the ninja-requisite matte black paint job that makes the car look sufficiently angry. The beefed up exhaust system lends to a 43 horsepower bump to 560, which does not belie the exterior, to our everlasting pleasure. 21 inch wheels on mad fat rubber, along with rakishly good looking black wheels round out the stealth aesthetic. The only real flair on this ride are the red brake calipers, red interior stitching and the red Aston badges on front and rear which are tastefully done. Perhaps Darth Maul’s hunt for a daily driver is now over.

Price: $TBA