Well-tailored rights

J. Hilburn Tailored Clothing

Inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of tailored clothing. Thankfully, there are an ever-growing legion of off-the-rack fighters who hold the self-evident truths. Admittedly, former Wall Street warriors and co-founders Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod aren’t exactly the founding fathers of affordable tailored clothing, but using savvy business practices, fabrics sourced from the same mills as Zenga and Burberry and a fleet of 800 personal stylists, J. Hilburn is raising the bar. Their process is simple: first, they dispatch one of their 800 stylists to meet and measure you. No more YouTube clips about how to measure your shoulder length. Second, you select from hundreds of cloth samples, collar styles, overall cut options and button choices. Or if you have commitment issues, you can rely on them for the selections, but we both know you’re not that guy. Once measured, your style preferences are logged into a an online profile for later use and customization. If something doesn’t fit perfectly J. Hilburn will recut and ship you a new one. Custom offerings are, for now, but we hear inside rumblings that suits are coming. Custom shirts for $100 with personal interaction, fantastic fabrics and online convenience? We’ll take those rights.

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Photo by Bradley Hasemeyer