Chair Apparent

Flux Chair

Not unlike wearing a digital watch with a bespoke suit, a folding chair has a way of making everything else look cheap. The Flux Chair is different. Designed by two Hollanders, Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten, the Flux chair was inspired by the need for flat folding and innovative furniture that’s both practical and stylish. Japanese Origami-style folds dominate the design and the Flux Chair can fold completely flat with a carrying handle in less than 10 seconds (if you’re sober). Easily transportable and 21-count stackable in a one-foot space, this beautiful chair can pull double duty at a picnic or as fine dining furniture in your mod condo. Built from resilient and water-proof polypropylene, the Flux Chair can take it in spades and look good all the while. Now, lose the digital watch.

Buy Now: $199