There’s an app for that

iBike Dash CC Deluxe

It’s no secret that the iPhone has changed the way we work, play and communicate. The plethora of apps is staggering and this smartphone can now do anything from find your car to perform surgery (not quite). Given its capabilities, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to turn an iPhone 3 or 4 (and iPod Touch) into a cycling computer. Behold the iBike Dash CC Deluxe ($329).

Cycling computers are not only fun accessories for tracking your time and distance on weekend rides, they’re serious training tools for club racers and pros alike. The iBike Dash CC is a combination iPhone app, hard case and bike sensors that pull together a formidable amount of data in an easy-to-read format. Through easy-to-install wheel and crank sensors and a stem-mounted case for the iPhone, you get speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, power output (with an optional module), wind speed, hill gradient, elevation and real-time location information all at your fingertips. Sound complicated? It isn’t. The makers of the iBike have managed to continue the highly intuitive iPhone interface in their app. Change views on the fly by tapping the screen and customize settings based on your preferences. You can even do a live fitness test to set up thresholds and workouts for yourself.

The iBike does have some downsides. The “Phone Booth” case, which mounts to your bike’s stem, is a bit rattly and oversized. We’re also not sure we’d want to be caught in a downpour (or, God forbid, a crash) with our iPhone so exposed. Even with the auxiliary battery iBike supplies, your phone battery drops quickly with the display brightness cranked up. So don’t plan on an all-day century ride. For weight weenies, the setup is a bit heavy too. But most of that weight is in the iPhone which you’d probably carry with you anyway.

All in all, we’re impressed with the iBike Dash CC It capitalizes on the iPhone’s legendary capabilities and ease of use and takes it a step further. Now if it would only pedal for you. Maybe that’s coming in version 2.0

Buy Now: $329