Made, by hand, in Winona, Minnesota (yes, we’re all about Minnesota), two year old Sanborn Canoe Company has been creating some of the best looking wooden canoe & kayak paddles we’ve encountered. Founded by a cadre of enthusiasts looking to play a closer role with the products they used, Sanborn Canoe Co now produces an assortment of well-priced wood paddles we can’t decide if we want to mount on our walls or hit the water with. Our favorite: the Gunflint Paddle ($125). Made from western red and white cedar, the Gunflint isn’t just a hunk of wood that moves water. It features a slightly wider span and 14° bend for more powerful strokes, hard epoxy tip for protection from underwater nasties, and an indexed shaft to preclude hand and joint stress. The fact that it looks like a million bucks is just icing.

Buy Now: $125