Tiny price for big exposures

Kickstarter: Wanderlust Pinwide

A prodigy of Kickstarter, the Wanderlust Pinwide ($40) has finally landed for general public purchasing and with it comes ultra-wide pinhole photo magic for Micro Four Thirds cameras (Olympus Pen, Panasonic GF2). Boasting specs you don’t necessarily see everyday: 11mm (22mm equivalent) focal length for 80° fields of view and f/96 ~ f/128 aperture (seriously), the cap is made of high-grade molded polycarbonate and even utilizes a metal aperture. The boffins at Wanderlust even have a specialty processing software in the works that will come in May. An affordable $40 to create ultra-unique photos — when’s the last time you said that about a camera add-on?

Buy Now: $40