Welcome, to the grid


Another day, another notebook. Wait, not so fast. Whether you love the beloved principles of grid-based design (or not), the Gridbook ($26) should help you keep those pesky lines and sketches reigned in and cohesive. Storyboarders, designers and joe-schmo doodlers alike will appreciate the 15-point dot grid that divides perfectly into 4/5/6 columns across its pages. Taking the grid one-step further, pages even include storyboard outlines for three of the web’s most popular ad units (like you see here on the pages of GP). Opposite pages are fully maximized with ruled lines and checklists to aid in organization and task-management. The tenderfoot project is the brainchild of Canadian design agency Sajak & Farki and its first available run for shipment will drop in 4-6 weeks. Pre-orders are available now.

Buy Now: $26