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Dell Precision M4600 & M6600 Mobile Workstations

A horde of tablets may want your casual digital attention like Hasselhoff wants a cheeseburger, but for those who still require a laptop for more than the occasional Youtube stream, Dell’s new Precision M4600 & M6600 workstations should be the beezneez. In their most ferocious forms, both models can sport an Intel Core i7 Quad Extreme 2920XM processor with up to 32GB of RAM, a four-finger multi-touch enabled IPS display, a finger print encryption lock, an HD integrated webcam, a Blu-ray writer and built-in connectivity to mobile broadband and WiMax. Since both feature dual 2.5-inch drove slots, users can select from a variety of storage options such as 750GB 7200rpm platters, 320GB FIPS self-encypting drives, or up to 512GB solid states, setup discretely or in various RAID formats. On the graphics front, the 15.6-inch, 6.3-pound M4600 can be topped off with a NVIDIA Quadro 2000M with 2GB of dedicated ram, while the beefier 7.5-pound, 17-inch M6600 ups the ante to a 4GB Quadro 5010M. Two USB 3.0 ports are thrown in for good measure along with a pair of USB 2.0 slots, an eSATA jack, and an IEEE 1394 port for hooking up nearly anything you could imagine short of your boat. Both are on sale starting May 10th and will start at $1,678 for the M4600 and $2,158 for the M6600. If you want hardware goodies oozing out of every magnesium alloy pore, prepare to read your checking account its last rites.

Buy Now: $1,678-$2,158