The Evolution of the Revolution

Meyerhoffer 2 Surfboard

Thomas Meyerhoffer’s portfolio is something other product designers would kill to call their own — or certainly smash their 27-Cinema Displays in sacrifice. His first success came in 1994, when he designed the first pair of wrap-around-lens ski goggles, the Smith V3. In 1996, he led Apple’s eMate design team, which preceded the iMac. From 2002-2006, he created rear-entry snowboard bindings for Flow that allowed boarders to click in while standing up, and he developed the Chumby portable computer. Given this pedigree, it’s only natural that in 2008, he decided tackle surfing by starting a surfboard company. The Meyerhoffer 2 series is Meyerhoffer’s latest creation and is described as a “shortboard in a longboard”. Essentially, the design pushes the widest point of the board further to the rear, to provide responsive turning while maintaining an easy paddle and glide on smaller surf. Ranging from 8.1 to 9.6 ft. big guns, these minimally-styled wave riders have clearly made a splash in the surfing community, judging by the fact that the entire 2011 line is already sold-out. The good news is that more on are on the way for you Spicoli’s in the audience. So keep an eye glued to their site if you crave an oversized pantone-colored tongue depressor of your own.

Buy Now: $800-$950