Leffe | Craft Your Character Search


Belgian beer powerhouse Leffe is looking for a few good men to spotlight in their Craft Your Character search. Call us biased, but we can’t think of a better collection of adventurers and all-around general renaissance men than you guys. Who better to have their awesome stories shared globally? Oh, and win a free trip to Belgium.

Here’s the lowdown. Leffe is hosting two casting sessions on Saturday, May 7th and Monday, May 9th in the New York City area. You’ll be invited to briefly share a character-defining story in two minutes. 8 finalists will win $500 and be invited to a callback session on May 23rd to share your stories over a few Leffe beers, mano-o-mano style, while the cameras roll. In early June, Leffe will throw a follow-up party to share the eight final videos, pick the top five, and announce the ultimate character. All five top videos will be shared with the world as part of an ad campaign, and the final winner will be flown to Belgium with a friend. And in case you’re wondering, you’ve already got our vote.

The Details: Visit Craft Your Character and book a casting time. Otherwise, show up at House Casting (450 W. 15th Street) on Saturday 7th and Monday 9th from 10:30am–5pm to tell your tale.