Zone Water Defense

LowePro DryZone 200

There exists a direct correlation between the adversity of a particular situation and the coolness of a photograph. The worse a situation, the better the photo. The problem is, your camera may not be up to snuff and there’s no worse enemy to a camera than water. Moisture or worse, immersion, are total dealbreakers for high-end gear without the proper gear. The LowePro DryZone 200 ($365) is the world’s first soft-sided camera backpack to offer complete waterproof safety for your camera gear offering robust water-fighting features like a TIZIP zipper, self-draining mesh pockets, drain hole, rubber handle in addition to adjustable CollarCut shoulder straps, and a tuck-away tripod holder. The bag doesn’t come cheap, but neither do cameras.

About the Photo: Photographer Craig Pulsifier filmed a short video for LowePro about the DryZone 200. His short excursion led to some great footage and the money shot above.

Buy Now: $365