Felt So Good

Felt Shelby Cruiser

Cruiser bicycles are all the rage now, especially for those who aren’t trying to be Lance Armstrong’s second coming. They’re practical, very comfortable due to the upright riding position, and naturally very cool. Felt Bicycles is taking it a step further by paying homage to a car, and a good one at that, with their Shelby Cruiser ($999). Taking cues from the classic Shelby GT350, the Shelby Cruiser sports the Wimbledon White and Guardsman blue paint scheme from the car and centers around the fat aluminum top tube in the frame. With 3-speed gearing for your low hills and non-competitive straightaways, the Shelby also comes replete with 36 spoked 15mm aluminum rims, cushy “Blue Dot” tires, a rear fender so you don’t get “skunk back” on wet rides, and a comfy suspension fork. Okay, so the bike isn’t exactly a speed demon like the car, but it will turn heads.

Buy Now: $999