Shhh, be quiet...

Husqvarna 356QT Quiet Blower

Built with noise dampening materials and a uniquely designed exhaust tube, the Husqvarna 356QT Quiet Blower ($495) emits just 64 decibels making it a veritable Lexus amongst its peers. And in case you’re not savvy with decibel ranges, 60 dB’s is the equivalent of a dishwasher on rinse cycle and 70dB’s is roughly your average TV volume. Other features include a powerful E-TECH II engine for more power and lower emissions, throttle cruise control, ergonomic load-reducing harness and a centrifugal air cleaning system to remove large dust and debris for longer air-filter life. Cheap it is not, but no one likes waking up on Saturday to the sound of you being overly ambitious about yard work. Or wait, is it the other way around? Either way, we wouldn’t mind seeing more of these in the ‘burbs.

Buy Now: $495