M Pedal Power

BMW M Series Carbon Racer Bike

Carbon fiber bikes have been around for a while now, though that doesn’t make them any less exclusive. BMW M Performance cars have also been around for some time, and they remain high on the list of uber-desirable cars. Well, what happens when you combine the BMW Motorsport name and the lightness and strength of a carbon fiber bike frame? The result is the very exclusive BMW M Series Carbon Racer Bike. What on earth does a car company know about building bikes, you ask? Well, BMW has been at it for over 60 years and this bike reflects that dedication to craftsmanship by centering on the in-house designed and built carbon fiber frame. This ultralight (16.3 pound) bike comes with Shimano Ultegra components for quick and precise shifts and fluid pedaling dynamics. The best part, aside from the impressive technology behind the construction, is the super-sexy anthracite carbon weave and the bold M graphics. The only problem might be that the other cyclists might just view you as “that condescending yuppie cyclist” when you cut them off at the next turn.

Price: TBD (July 2011)