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Breakdown: Lexdray Tokyo Pack

For this week’s Breakdown we highlight another brand you may not yet know but should, Lexdray. How many times have you looked at that tired messenger or daily case and thought: damn, this thing just isn’t cutting it? We blame it on the increasing load of our everyday carry. Regardless of whether your daily commute involves trains or trails Lexdray has thought out a solution for your problems and even offered up a solution or two for problems you’ve never even thought of (think: secret pockets and stashes). The collection covers a wide gamut of offerings*, but we’re into backpacks these days, so our pick is the limited edition Lexdray Tokyo Pack ($450). We dig it for the understated lightweight design, bounty of technical details and a long-lasting build that will leave you just as satisfied 6 years down the road as the day you got it.

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A. Pocket Proliferation: 6 exterior zipper pockets, 3 interior zipper pockets, 3 exterior snap pockets, 3 interior snap pockets. How ’bout them apples?

B. Hard, Wear: Lexdray uses military grade hardware throughout their bag including custom zipper pulls.

C. Easy Access: The pack features an easy-access pocket for stashing your phone at the top of the bag, right where you need it.

D. Subtle Branding 101: The best branding is nearly none at all. A subtle printed interion nylon lining ensures you never forget where you got the pack, but keeps your awesome find a secret — just like a European oligarch and his armored Mercedes.

E. Laptop Confidence: A fleece lined notebook compartment holds laptops ranging from a miniscule netbook up to the porta-desktop that is, the 17″ MacBook Pro.

F. Handles Well: The sturdy top handle features a removable neoprene wrap.

G. Backpack: Custom designed shoulder straps are widely adjustable meaning everyone from Quasimodo to Derrick Rose can wear it with comfort and stability.

H. Weather Crusher: The Tokyo Pack touts ultra-durable weather-resistant fabrics throughout its construction like 1680D ballistic nylon.

I. No Sweaty Backs: An air mesh breathable back panel means more comfort and support with less sweaty backs during the dog days of summer. It also belies a back-entry zipper compartment.

J. Easy as a Snap: Throughout the bag, Lexdray uses their proprietary snap pocket system.

Not Shown: With Mother Nature’s increasingly apparent war on the world, the hidden removable waterproof cover will come in handy for unexpected storms.

Buy Now: $450