A tad faster than a Prius

RCI-Formulec EF01 Electric Race Car

Consider the fact that your average Formula 1 race car gets about 4 miles per gallon and the average race is approximately 200 miles long. That’s 50 gallons of gas per race multiplied by 20 cars (granted, not all 20 run the full race), which comes to about 1,000 gallons of gas used per race. That’s a lot of fuel.

RCI and Formulec, two French companies, have partnered to alleviate this amount of fuel consumption by creating the world’s first electric Formula 1 car, the EF01 Electric Race Car. It utilizes FCI’s high performance connector which delivers power from battery to engine in a small amount of space and lends to an effective F1 setup. Acceleration to 60 takes place in just under 3 seconds and the car tops out at about 155 mph, which isn’t quite as fast a gas-powered F1 car, but it’s still quick enough to make your eyes water and could probably justify an all electric F1 race series if Bernie Ecclestone could be persuaded to spend the money (good luck with that). Formulec is looking to start their own series, which could be a very good thing, indeed.

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