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Falcon Motorcycles Black Falcon

There are custom motorcycles everywhere these days. Some stand apart from the rest, not just because of their design but because heritage and history are the framework of the overall design. Falcon Motorcycles Black Falcon is the ultimate example of just that. This two-wheeled work of art was recently uncloaked in California at The Quail Motorcycle gathering, where it took first place in the custom motorcycle class. The third concept bike release by Falcon, the Black Falcon is based on the Vincent Black Shadow, which once held the fastest standard motorcycle title for a quarter century. To give you an indication of the artfulness of this bike, it took a six-man team one full year to complete. Check out more specs and photos of this beauty on the next page.

The Black Falcon is powered by a highly modified and refined 1952 Black Shadow engine that puts out 75 horsepower, which has been meticulously reworked down to each individual part for lightness and balancing. Every aspect of the bike is custom fabricated not simply for aesthetic beauty but for optimal performance, including the frame, forks, tank, handlebars and seat. The Black Falcon comes with two custom fuel tanks, one for normal riding and a smaller, one-gallon tank for quarter mile drag races. The handlebars are also adjustable for rider preference. Our hats are off to Falcon on this one. For refinement and beauty, there’s not much else out there that comes close. But don’t look to buy this bike. It’s already been spoken for. Boo hoo.

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