Camo Lightly

Staple Bogart Cargo Pant SP11

This overwrought trend of dudes looking like a DEVGRU operator has long past its expiration date — especially considering their toughest mission for the day likely involves a trip to Costco for charcoal. That said, we still believe a touch of camo is completely acceptable in a man’s wardrobe, especially in controlled dosages and restrained execution. The new Bogart Cargo Pant ($150) is just that measure. Created by newcomer Staple, the brand self-describes themselves as “positive social contagion” and is not to be confused with a certain other company who touts easy buttons. The Bogart Cargos blend the functional aspects of a pair of BDU’s such as ripstop cotton fabrics, articulated knees, and a reinforced seat, with the more refined cut of a classic five-pocket pant and internal cargo pockets. The result is a functional pair of pants that look pretty damn cool in camp.

Tip: If your schedule involves a lot of travel, this is the sort of versatile pant that can be absolutely indispensable for comfort, durability and plenty of stowage. Consider it a (ahem) summer staple.

Buy Now: $150