Single malts don’t just come from Scotland

Tasting Notes: Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Historically, Knappogue Castle Irish whiskeys have been bottled according to the year of their distillation and labeled with a vintage date, similar to wine. But last year, in an effort to better reflect the age of their whiskeys, Knappogue Castle introduced an age statement –- in this case, a 12 year old bottling. While veteran Knappogue Castle drinkers might miss the subtle nuances between vintage bottles, this 12-year age statement promises consistency from bottle to bottle.

Most Irish whiskeys are blended, but Knappogue Castle 12 Year ($43) is a single malt, meaning that it’s composed of distillations from one producer at one site, and it’s made entirely from malted barley. Triple distilled in copper pot stills, the whiskey is a clean, pale gold color and incredibly smooth. Take a sip to taste lots of citrus fruit paired with rich malt, sweet honey and vanilla. The oak influences are very soft and mild on the palate, with just a hint of dryness and spice on the finish.

The Knappogue Castle is a great entry level whiskey for those new to the category. It’s bursting with flavor, but it’s a mild, everyday sipper devoid of any harsh grain notes or smokiness that may be off-putting to novice whiskey drinkers.

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