All Together Now

Denon AVR-3312CI

Network-ready A/V components have been around for a few years now, but most fail to do much more than provide awkward interfaces for streaming video and music services – hardly a compelling ‘integrated’ experience. But Denon, long hailed in Japan and abroad for a history of audio innovation that stretches back over 100 years, is poised to release a line up of cutting-edge networked A/V Receivers that aim to tie together your entire media-universe within one convenient control-center (the AVR 3312CI, 2312CI, and 2112CI). Uninspiring names we admit, but touting some inspired performance specs.

For those of us with extensive iTunes libraries, iPads, or any of Apple’s other ubiquitous devices, the receiver’s built-in support for Airplay (Apple’s wireless streaming-interface) is likely reason enough to start saving up for one. Add to that full support for Windows’ own streaming interfaces as well, along with a myriad of other second-tier formats, and you have a device ready to handle absolutely anything you can throw at it. Then, wrap all of that ‘compatibility’ in some seriously muscular hardware (seven 125 Watt channels each powered by its own discrete circuit, 3D HDMI inputs, and Audyssey DSX support), and you end up with an A/V receiver that will not only centralize your diverse media-universe, but also deliver it to you with the utmost fidelity and clarity.

So, cheers to Denon, not only for giving us some spectacular new gear to look forward to, but for raising the bar on the competition and giving them some new targets to aim for, which ultimately works well for us all~

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