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Bugatti Grand Prix Desk by Luzzo Bespoke

The Bugatti Grand Prix Desk by Luzzo Bespoke brings the the driving commute all the way into your office. Birthed from over 3000 hours of CAD, the desk is meticulously crafted to reflect Bugatti’s heritage by the UK interior design firm. The design neatly adopts a larger version of the Winfield carburetor synchronization quadrants from a classic Bugatti Type 57 as drive gears to adjust the desk height and the 57’s honeycomb grille for the drawer fronts. Billet aluminum parts and French racing blue laquer adorn this magnificent homage piece, along with a tan leather writing area that pays tribute to the Bugatti upholstery found in the 57. Last but not least, you’ll find a nifty Apple iMac computer built into the desk itself that rises and descends via a small motor when a button is depressed. The good news? You can have this desk for far less than you can an actual Type 57 ($4.4 million). The bad news? It still costs a bit more than an Ikea Jonas desk.

Buy Now: $240,000