Balsa Boeing

Guillow Airplane Design Studio Kit

Just because you haven’t thought about a balsa wood plane in 20 years doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Look around and you’ll still find the light flyers at local hobby shops or, in this case, the web. Like you, things have grown up a bit and though the wooden flyers are still available in those tall plastic sleeves, go bigger and better with this 35 piece Guillow Airplane Design Studio Kit ($20). The kit includes wings, tails, bodies, plastic components, and rubber band motors to design whatever flying contraption you (or your kid’s) imagination can come up with and the best part is lax aviation fundamentals. The lightweight wood and pieces mean your mini Everett Field can create everything from an x-wing glider to a tri-plane without the use of glue or paint. Once you’re done, use the kits box as a portable hanger.

Buy Now: $20