A peek of what's to come?

Asus Padfone

While you were busy BBQ’n with friends and family yesterday, Asus decided to tease the world with the Padfone. Hard facts really aren’t available at this point, but as the picture and videos below illustrate, the main draw of the padfone is its unique tablet shell. We do know the device will run some form of Android and that the phone measures 4.3-inches, while the tablet case will come in at 10.1. Besides providing a bigger screen, the tablet dock will also pack additional batteries to extend the combined device’s usage time and share the phone’s data connection. If the lifestyle promo videos are to be believed, it should also take phone calls via a Bluetooth headset. Everything else is up in the air, but it’s not a stretch to think this kind of dual-purpose gadget could one day be the standard for casual mobile computing. Phones are obviously getting more powerful almost on a daily basis, and buying a separate tablet for browsing on the couch is a bullet our wallets would certainly prefer to dodge. Whether Asus has the integration right is something we’ll check back on later, but for now, you can satisfy your curiosity by watching an few over-produced promo videos after the break. Is it us, or do Bus rides never actually go down like that?