Abiding Finally in 1080p

The Big Lebowski Limited Edition

The Dude would surely approve of the leisurely 10+ years it’s taken the Cohen Brothers to release their cult-classic on Blu-ray. Based on what’s included in the newly announced, limited edition version ($21), however, — the extended patience from fans will be paid back in full. For starters, the studio announced that the film has been completely remastered for the Blu-ray transfer and will be presented in its original 1:85:1 aspect ratio. It’ll also include all of the special features found on the massive two-disc 10th anniversary DVD, and throw in a 28-page digibook featuring interviews with the inspiration for The Dude, Jeff Dwod, a scene companion view for watching interviews with the cast during particular shots, a “Mark it Dude” on-screen counter for keeping track “f-bombs” and “Dudisms”, and a what’s my line trivia game for testing your Lebowski dialog prowess. A digital copy is provided as well for those who prefer to consume their scheduled dose of dude on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Since it’s only available starting on August 16th, you’ll have to bide your time for now with more than a few white russians and trips to the lanes.

Buy Now: $21