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Minden Master Grill

If you’re willing to adventure a little off grilling main street you’ll find there are some great American-made options like the Minden Master Grill ($479). Designed with a more realistic and urban-friendly compact form factor, the Minden is an ideal fit for households not yet ready to sell their first born child for a barnyard stomping Kalamazoo. But small form-factor doesn’t mean utility trade-off — this grill will hold its own for a full backyard shindig. The 30,000 BTU cooking system precision-fires 365 sq inches of grilling surface and is flanked by a side burner and removable condiment tray. The base holds a slide-out propane tank tray for simple swaps, touts four hooks for tools and the entire grill is made from heavy-duty porcelain and powder-coated steel construction. A Bongos Beer Bar or Kettle Grill it may not be, but when deck space is precious and parties number a dozen or less, we’ll use our savings on some tasty meat.

Buy Now: $479