Don't Pray. Prey.

Prey Gadget Security Software

IPhone and iPad owners lucked out when Apple made the find my iPhone application free. But what about other laptops or phones you might have? Recently, a company called Hidden made a big splash in the media world for helping an Oakland resident find his stolen laptop — but we prefer Prey. Why? Well, you can use it on up to three devices for free, and unlike Hidden, Prey works on Macs, PCs, Linux computers, Android Phones and they’re even testing for a release on iOS. Once the software is installed, users can check Prey to view the location of their stolen gadget or nearby hot spots. Alarms, on screen messages, lock downs and even the Webcam can be discretely activated to take photos of the thief remotely. If you’re like us and have more than three gadgets to protect, Prey also offers upgrades to Prey Pro accounts, which provide a variety additional features along with various support levels for 10 to 500 devices. Use it, and get awesome peace of mind for the gadgets you hold (or neglect to hold) dear.

Buy Now: Prey Free | Prey Pro $5-$400 / month