Flying, Minus the Wings

Shotover Jet Boat Rides

The canyons of the Shotover River just outside of Queenstown, New Zealand is unquestionably a picturesque setting. Here, visitors can enjoy the serenity of moving water and think about hobbits, dwarves, and elves to their heart’s content. But why do that, when you have the option to strap into a specially design jet boat, equipped with two Buick 3.8 liter V6 supercharged engines capable of producing 520 HP, and zip through the now terrifying narrow rock walls at up to 53mph? That’s the question Shotover Jet Boats has been asking Queenstown NZ tourists for over 40 years. For $120 ($70 for kids), thrill seekers can ride (sadly, not drive) one of their big red speed machines and enjoy an hour of face flapping speed and 360° spins on a special reserved area of the river. The entire Shotover staff is of course composed of highly skilled pros focused on safety first, but we still wouldn’t recommend dialing up your actuary before climbin’ aboard. Watch the video after the break to get a taste of what others are doing while you sit in that cubicle.

Buy Now: $120 (Adult) | $70 (Child)