Black Ice. The Good Kind.

BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition

We all pretty much know how ferocious the current BMW M3 is. Screaming V8 and handling of the gods are part of the package. Now, dial it up down a few notches into the form of a teflon Ninja street scalpel with the very limited production BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition ($73,650). The first thing you notice is the seething darkness of the matte black paint job contrasted against the gloss black grille and wheels. All this murdered out glory is further accentuated by a 10mm lower ride height and massive black M3 GTS 19″ wheels. The special paint is the result of coating the the Black Metallic base with a clear silk matte layer, exceeding even BMW’s high standards of paint resilience and longevity. Whatever sinister magic is in the mix, we like it. Under the hood, each M Darth3 is powered by the award-winning, 414-horsepower M V8 engine, equipped with BMW’s M Double Clutch Transmission (M DCT), which lowers the 0-60mph acceleration time to 4.5 seconds from a pokey 4.7. Redline is a breathtaking 8,400 rpm. And in case you’re hankering for another sobering statistic, only 20 will be made.

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Price: $73,650