Three, Two, One

Panasonic Lumix GF3

Panasonic’s much-lauded line of GF continues its westward expansion with the new Lumix GF3 ($700), and like the GF2 that came before it, the GF3 is even smaller and easier to use. Inside is a 12MP sensor with a faster processor for ultra-fast autofocus, built-in photo styles and processing filters. Slotted a step up from a point & shoot compact camera, but not quite a compact DSLR, the GF3 isn’t equipped with a hot shoe or many tactile controls, but what it lacks in “pro” features it makes up in easy-to-use approachability and color options (there are four). A massive touch screen, 1080p video, minimalist design, lots of auto controls and zippy performance should make this a worthy alternative to baseline DSLRs. Our only question is, who’s working on making the lenses smaller?

Buy Now: $700