Flight Stool

Flightdeck Air Combat Center

The Flightdeck Air Combat Center ($69+) in Anaheim, CA, can provide anyone with the same experience Tom Cruise received while filming Top Gun. Specifically, you’ll feel (and very well may act) like you’ve properly commanded a real fighter jet for the rest of your life — while, in reality, you’ve done no such thing. That said, the experience is as close as it gets to the real thing without actually joining the Air Force, since the center holds the largest number of authentic F-16 flight simulators in the world. Various tryout plans are available depending on your interest, but most folks start off with the Fox 1 mission, which includes 60 minutes of flight and lessons from flight instructors on taking-off, basic maneuvers, dogfighting, and carrier landing. Once you’ve got the itch for flying, the Fox 2 program introduces air to ground combat, and allows customers to fly other aircraft such as a Mig-29 and an A-10 Warthog. If you’re really serious, sign up for the Squadron program and take customized missions with a like-minded team of wannabe fly boys. Slip a few extra Washingtons into the hands of the staff, and you can probably arrange to have Danger Zone piped into your cockpit too.

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